About Us

GurSan Trucking is a subsidiary of the Odisha Freight Carrier Company.

Launched in 2011, we have gone from strength to strength and continue to make inroads in this competitive market.

With our home base in the busy Nāgpur, the second capital and the third most populous city of the state of Maharashtra, we are ideally located to make an impact in our transport niche. The bustling metropolis is home to a thriving Coal industry, and together with Cement and Iron ore this forms the backbone of our trade. Going beyond this, no load is too big or too small for us, and we have experience delivering many kinds of goods.

There are many benefits to be derived from our association with our parent company, including the prestigious ISO9001 Quality brand. We strive to adhere to the tried and tested industry standards, and to go one step further, to deliver service excellence. Leveraging some world-class resources and know-how, our industry partner helps to set us apart from the competition.

Part of our Quality culture is to always keep improving. Even though we are great at what we do, the world does not stand still, and neither do we. Our aim is perfection.

Recently, we secured a contracts, further adding to our strength. We provide hands-on service, and our on time delivery records are noteworthy. Going forwards, we aim to further broaden our company’s impact on this niche. Our list of satisfied customers continues to grow, and the feedback we have received from clients including continue to tell us that we are on the right track.

With a combined industry experience of more than many years, we combine practical expertise with a forward-thinking strategy. GurSan is you ideal transport partner.